Every person faces many problem in his/her life but the true fighter is the one who never steps back and keep on fighting and wins in the end. Though, in today’s life everybody is fighting their own battles and demons but still there are many people out there who are fighting for other people and for their basic human right. One such person is Dr. John Keefe. He has not only helped numerous people in various ways but also has inspired many people to come forward and live for the betterment of other people.

Born to two wonderful parents, Glenna Sue Voegle and John Patrick Keefe in the state of Oklahoma, he was soft natured since his childhood. He is blessed with two beautiful sisters, Shelby Allison Cherry (Keefe) and Kimberly Bess. Initially, he taught in the United States as well as in foreign countries like Estonia and China. In the year 2012, he received his degree of doctoral degree in educational administration from the acclaimed Dr John patrick Keefe II.Bethel University. Dr. John Keefe II is a multi talented personality. He has worked in various fields, thus giving him a vast and diverse experience to overcome every hurdle life throws at him. He has worked as a private investigator, a process server and notary public with Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers. His wife Ying Ying Keefe always held his back and supported him in every aspect. This beautiful and amazing couple is blessed with two lovely daughters, named Madisyn Keefe and Diahanne Keefe- Shaw.

Apart from this, Dr. Keefe is the reason behind the smiles of a number of childless couples as he also is a sperm donor. His sole motive is to bring peace and happiness to the disturbed couples who have lost hope even from science. For uncountable people, he is not less than Messiah and the messenger of humanity. This is true for John as whatever he does is done with complete lack of selfish motive. His main motive is to inculcate the thought of doing well for others in the mind of general public.

For Dr. Keefe all the human beings are equal. That’s the reason he is a firm supporter of the LGBT (gays and lesbians) community and is fighting continuously for their rights. He started this wonderful campaign for this underprivileged community in the year 2000 by writing a letter to the editor of the well read newspaper, “The Daily Oklahoma”. He is also the wedding officiant in Oklahoma City who officiates the wedding of LGBT community.

He has brought the plight of the LGBT community in the open and has asked people to understand what these human beings are going through. He underwent a lot of difficulties while taking a stand for LGBT community but he didn’t step back. This is what makes him stand out from the rest of the crowd. He is currently residing at a loving house in Deer Creek, Oklahoma with his family.

John Keefe: Eliminating the Evil of Discrimination from Society

You may go anywhere in the world, you will find many people who have orthodox thinking. They are reserved and like to stay in their own communities.  These people often create discrimination in the society. To eliminate discrimination from the society, we need to find a messiah and the John Keefe II is a person who has always stood for the needy. People call him a messenger of God. He is known for his noble works such as private investigator, notary public with Oklahoma Judicial process servers, a renowned officiate and social worker. He is the person who completely supports LGBT community who are spurned by the society.

Dr John Patrick Keefe II was born (March 7, 1979) in Oklahoma to Glenna Sue voegle and John Patrick Keefe. He has one real sister, Shelby Allison Cherry (Keefe) and one adopted sister, Kimberly Bess. He has started his career as a teacher in the United States and further in Estonia and China.

John Keefe OKC is a Ph.D. holder in educational administration, as in 2012 he has got a doctoral degree from Bethel University. He has always been a hard worker and succeeded in his career. He believes that the reason behind his success is family.

Still, he is fighting with the social evils as a social activist. He is an active supporter of the gay and lesbian (LGBT) community in Oklahoma. He started this campaign in September 2000 by writing a letter to the editor of the “The Daily Oklahoman” to become as a shield for the LGBT’s.


He is a wedding officiant in Oklahoma City, who helps LGBT’s in making their marriage. He is running a company “Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies specializes” that assists a variety of these couples, including straight in performing wedding ceremonies.

He is not only helping LGBT’s ; he is assisting homeless who have lost their home in natural calamity or different reasons. A Large number of people has reached to their homes and loved ones with the efforts of Dr. John Keefe. He has brought happiness to those people’s life who don’t have children by donating his seed. He has over 40 children throughout the world.

Still, he is trying his level best in maintaining peace and harmony among the law and the people.

John Keefe : Taking People to the Right Path

People have to face a lot of problems in their life but success comes only to those people who know how to cross every barrier. To overcome every challenge of the life, you need to get inspired and Dr. John Keefe OKC is one of those people who motivate people to fight for his as well as others rights. He is a person who believes in humanity and always tries to stand with needy people.

Dr. Keefe has brought happiness in the lives of many childless couple by donating his seed to such couples. His motive is to bring happiness to the needy people, no matter what their needs are. He is the man who always does right for the people with positive thoughts. People call him as the Messiah and messenger of humanity. Dr. John Keefe OKC is spreading a message that if you are iDr John Patrick Keefe IIn the position in which you can do something for the people who are really looking for the support, whether it is economical or in another way; you should not take your step back.

He thinks serving people is a signal of humanity because everyone is equal in this world. He strongly believes that freedom is everyone’s right and no one can be declined from this right. Supporting LGBT community is one of those examples that he is doing for the peoples’ and world’s benefit. Being a marriage officiate, John has officiated all kinds of marriages including LGBT.

John has started his campaign in support of LGBT a long time ago by writing a letter to the editor of the Daily Oklahoman. The campaign has become the voice of the people nowadays who support this community. He faced a lot of difficulties in his way while raising the voice against those people who were strictly against the LGBT marriage.

For this, he had to go against the system to bring the victims justice. This is the reason why our society wants such kind of people who stands amid those poor people in troubled waters, without caring who is standing against him.

John Keefe not only supports LGBT’s, he is also serving homeless people. There are many people who have lost their homes and their loved ones for different reasons. He is doing an outstanding job for giving homeless a roof over their heads.

You need to follow the footstep of a legend to be a legend and nobody is better than Dr. John Keefe. By following the messages and path of Dr. Keefe, you can actually give meaning to your life.

These 3 Qualities are the Signs of a Successful Private Investigator Like John Keefe

Private Investigation is a one of its kind profession. It requires a lot of diligence. You are your own boss here, which makes it more difficult as each step you take and each decision you make has to be your own and so will be the consequences. You need to provide results by staying in the limits of law and any mishap can totally turn things upside-down. When on the job, you have utmost responsibilities on you.

John Keefe, OKC resident has spent valuable years in this profession. He never said the job was easy but never did he turn away any assignment. He completed every task with the maximum possible conclusion that he could come up with. When asked about his experience until now, he said, “Every day at the job is new and people are relying on you with so many expectationDr John Patrick Keefe II Oklahomas. You need to be nimble and extremely careful at the same time when it’s about taking actions.” John is a private investigator at Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers.

He has shared his experience as a private investigator. John told that there are these 3 qualities that you start learning from your very first day on the job and with enough time they get to imbibe in you. These 3 qualities are enough to distinguish the great from good. In this way, you will always know whom to put your trust in when you want to hire a private investigator.


“This is the very first thing you will notice in the investigator the moment you meet him. The way he introduces himself and the kinds of solutions he provides with you says it all about him,” says John.

Regular and Genuine Confidentiality                                           

The most crucial quality. After all, you firstly hire a private investigator for this purpose only. A professional detective always maintains confidentiality the moment the case starts and long after the case is closed.

John Keefe, OKC resident has earned a reputable image in the society and law and order of Oklahoma. He has and continues to duly serve his state and its citizens.

John Keefe: Always stood up against the injustice and inequality

Some great soul has said the life’s most persistent and urgent question is, what are you doing for others? And there are a few who can answer this question in the best way by serving humanity and helping who need them. Dr.  John Patrick Keefe II is one such person who has always been there to help people.

John Keefe  is one of the best Oklahoma Judicial process servers and private investigators. If you are not fighting against injustice, then you are just living a life with compromises. But, there are no compromises to be made with your liberty. This is one thing along with justice, and equality that John fights for. Several people who are accused of a crime get sentences even when they are innocent. And there are the ones who get harsh punishments than others.  It might be because of past record or pre-judging; whatever the reason may be, this should not happDr John Patrick Keefe IIen, and that is why John has always raised a voice for helping these innocent people.

Fighting against all kinds of discriminations is one thing that explains the life of Dr. John Keefe OKC. Every person has a right to equality, and should be treated as equal. There are individuals who discriminate people according to race, religion, gender or even status.  John is one person who strongly opposes it. Whether it is about discrimination during a sentence or it’s about ill-treatment by society, he has always been there to give support to people who are at the receiving end of it.

Dr. John Keefe OKC is a renowned wedding officiant in Oklahoma City.  His fights for equality and humanity also continue here, as he helps the Weddings for the LGBT community. He is a firm believer of the fact that everyone should have freedom to live their life in the way they want. Through his company, Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies he has helped many people to get hitched, which includes heterosexual and LGBT couples.

Dr. John Keefe’s Take on How to Be Yourself

Dr. John Patrick Keefe II is a normal person just like everyone else. He always did one thing in life that made him different from the rest. Today, he is happily living with his loving family and friends. The society recognizes him for the good work that he does for the needy. What is his secret? It is that one thing he always did- “Be yourself.”

“Being yourself is of unequivocal importance,” emphasis Dr. Keefe.  The world is like a mirror and it reflects back what you are. To see the world for actually what it is, you need to be your true self. If you think you have lost yourself somewhere in time, then do not worry because it is never too late. You can reconnect with yourself any time. All that required is a true heart and true dedication to do that.

You can start today by following these things in life:

Realize who you are and let go off who you imagine yourself to be.

Yes, you have always wanted to be at that height of success. You have always wanted that people around you, like and recognize you. In order to do that, many times, you end up creating an imaginative self-portrait of yourself. It is made up of that person for whom life is easy and he/ she has all the qualities to make everyone around them happy.

Do not try to be that person. Being what you are not always led to unsatisfactory results and you end up hurting others and most importantly, yourself. Things will become easier if you start to realize who you are, what’s your true potential and let people accept you for what you are.

 Never let go of your inner child

The world was a happier place and nothing was impossible when you were young. It is because as a child, you always lived in the present and did what your heart told you to do. No matter where you go in life, always keep this child in you alive. Do things you like, no matter how odd they look. Take out time for yourself and get silly, laugh, live and enjoy.


“If you come to think about life, you will realize life is made up of everything that you saw and did. It is nothing but a collection of your memories since the time you were born,” says John Keefe, OKC resident. To enjoy a better quality of life and to understand it more, always talk to yourself. Think about everything and anything you want, feel and then try to maintain the balance.

Is 18 too Young to Get Married & Have Children?

Society in 2016 is not what it used to be. The days when kids married at age 11 or 12 or even 13, 14, or 15 are, for the most part, in the past. However, in the United States many people can and do get married at age 16 with parental consent. Many jurisdictions recognize that by age 16 young adults are capable of consenting and making major life decisions for themselves. Dr. John Patrick Keefe II, a wedding officiant in Oklahoma with Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies, asks whether or not it is appropriate for young people to marry at very young ages.

Economic times have changed, and as people live longer and require more education to compete in today’s job market, young people have begun to marry at older and older ages than in years past. Indeed, the average marrying age has increased to the mid or late 20s or even 30s for many men and women, as younger generations pursue things such as university studies, traveling to other countries, and more.

The way the economy is going these days, where benefits are scarcer and salaries tend to be more stagnant, many millennials tend to live at home longer with their parents. As Dr. John Keefe II asserts, “It can be tougher for younger people to have the financial ability to marry when they are having to live with their parents.” Indeed, young couples can greatly benefit from waiting a little while longer to make the leap into a permanent, lifelong commitment.

Many girls no longer see themselves as “old maids” at age 15 or even 18. Yes, it used to be the case that if a girl did not marry young that she might not get a husband at all. Divorces used to be very uncommon in the days of old, and societies generally frowned upon divorce a whole lot more than it used to. In this day and age, people tend to marry more than once at different stages of their lives, with many millennials engaging in what Dr. John Patrick Keefe has heard many of them refer to as “starter marriages” per se.

Many younger people are also starting to take more time to find themselves and to develop their personalities and sense of self, prior to tying the knot. Dr. John Patrick Keefe II has worked with many young couples in premarital counseling, and a lot of them want to finish the major things they have always wanted to do in life prior to settling down with a spouse and children. By investing in themselves and taking more time to get married, many studies show that two young people can actually lower their divorce rates.

Of course, Dr. John Patrick Keefe II also asserts there is no magical age at which two people can and should get married at. Everyone is ready for different things at different points in time, and just because some younger couples wish to take more time to get married and/or does not mean that everyone needs to do so.

While older couples and parents may often have more financial resources, life experience and general stability than their younger wedding and parental counterparts, this is not always the case. In addition, Dr. John Keefe II notes that couples that get married at younger ages also tend to have more energy and less of a risk of passing genetic defects to their children than female parents who are in their late 30s or 40s and men who are in their 50s or 60s. Genetically speaking, this is the best time in their lives for parents to conceive children. But wait! There is more, contends Dr. John Patrick Keefe II!

More life experience is not always beneficial to a newly married couple. People who have been in bad relationships, have gone through bankruptcy or significant debt, or who have kids from previous marriages all carry a certain level of baggage that younger couples may not have. Sometimes “less is more” in a relationship, contends wedding officiant in Oklahoma Dr. John Patrick Keefe II.

Couples that marry young also benefit from the chance to experience more significant life events together as a couple. These can include buying a home together, completing college, getting first jobs, making lots of babies together, and more! Dr. John Patrick Keefe II asserts that the more positive history of major experiences that a couple can successfully go through together, the better it is for their long term relationship.

The decision to marry at a younger age, at middle age, or when much older ultimately rests with the individuals getting married. Everyone is different, and there are no guarantees in life. While experience and financial stability are certainly important in a relationship, they are by no means the only factors to consider.

Regardless of the age of the couples, Dr. John Keefe II always stresses the importance for all couples to take time to really get to know one another and ensure that they are compatible with each other before tying the knot in matrimony. Consequences of divorce can indeed prove to be disastrous, so all couples need to be careful not to move too quickly.

Keep the humanity alive with Dr. John Patrick Keefe II

There are many people in this world who become successful in their lives. But, there are a few who actually come forward to help others. Well, it is easier said than done. First, you have to be in a position to do so, and secondly, you need to have the courage and determination that it requires.

Many of us spend a lot of time of life in finding out the reason for our existence, but there are some who work for humanity, and this is what they live for.  John Keefe II is one such person who is always there to help the needy. There are some people who are a jack of many trades, and there are ones who are the master of one. But, there are a very few who excel in everything they do, thus, called the masters of each trade. John is one of those people.

When you are in trouble, you need a helping hand. There are several legal issues that many people are not familiar with and gets into trouble while dealing with them. Sometimes people get in contact with such persons who are not genuine, they charge you some big amount and still don’t do a job for you. This is where people like John Keefe II OKC comes into the frame. He is one of the best Oklahoma Judicial process servers and private investigators. Moneymaking is never the concern for him; he assists clients in legal matters in his own way.

Being homeless is the worst that can happen to you. Imagine that you have nowhere to go, you don’t have any hopes of meeting your loved ones ever again. Well, this is cruel, and this should not happen to anybody. That is why John is doing this noble work of making these homeless to get to their loved ones.

Just having the knowledge of what is right is not enough. You should do what is right. Every person has a right to choose the way he (or she) wants to live the life.  Same goes for gay and lesbian (LGBT) community. These people need to be treated well, but somehow there are people who are against them. John Keefe II is one person who has always stood up for their rights. When he knows that something is going wrong, then he always fights against it and never backs down. Being a wedding officiant he helps all kind of people to get married to their soul mate, whether it’s heterosexual couples or LGBT couples.

Dr. John Patrick Keefe II Examines What Skip Tracing is and Why it’s Important

Sometimes people that a process server in OKC is trying hard to locate are super slippery and evasive. A client is demanding immediate results, and time for proper service of court papers is simply running out. Whatever is a process server in Oklahoma City to do? Dr. John Patrick Keefe II contends that this is where skip tracing through an effective skip tracing service can often have plausible results.

According to John Keefe II, a skip trace is where a private investigator in Oklahoma City or a process server in Oklahoma takes pertinent information about individual such as the following . . .

Full Legal Name
Social Security Number or Last Four Digits
Date of Birth or Year of Birth
Previous Residential Address of the Person
Previous City & State
Person’s Email Address
Phone Number of the Person
Known Websites for the Individual

. . . and runs the information through a special database that is not open to the general public. While it is true that many websites now offer a wide variety of public records online, usually only licensed private investigators, process servers, bail bondsmen, etc., can get access to such sensitive information as social security numbers, dates of birth, etc. Also, people working in these professional fields also tend to get more reliable results for the other information that some sites make available, such as phone numbers and mailing addresses.

According to Dr. John Patrick Keefe II, the type of information usually available online to the general public via paid public records searches can often include, but is not necessarily limited to, the following:

Personal Address History
Telephone Numbers
Email Addresses
Family Members
Criminal History
Civil Cases & Filings
Professional Licenses
Much, Much More!

Skip traces by a private investigator in OKC, such as those at Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers Dr. John Patrick Keefe II, can often yield helpful and insightful results for both process serving cases and for many matters involving private investigations. However, Dr. John Patrick Keefe is quick to point out that skip tracing cannot be done by professionals for just any reason. Instead, in order for a skip trace in Oklahoma to be performed, there has to be a legally verifiable reason such as a court case. If a private investigator in Oklahoma does it for some other reason, then he or she can get into serious trouble.

With all of the skip tracing services out there, which ones are reputable and which ones are complete junk? Well, John Patrick Keefe II recommends as one of the better and more reputable skip tracing services, but Dr. John Keefe II of Oklahoma also notes that only licensed private investigators, bail bondsmen, etc., can fully utilize the site that TLO offers. Lexus Nexis is also another praiseworthy site for a process server in OKC or a private investigator in Oklahoma City that needs some good information for legal purposes.

Whatever the legal need, skip tracing services by a licensed private investigator or process server can be an invaluable source for legal professionals all over the world. “Time is money and money is time, and when you need to find someone in a hurry time cannot often wait,” asserts Dr. John Patrick Keefe II. Contact Dr. John Keefe II and the other skip tracing professionals at Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers today at (405) 593-3515 for all of your skip tracing needs in Oklahoma!