John Keefe II: Making Your Special Day A Little More Special!

Your wedding day is probably one of the most important days in your life. You might have been planning and dreaming about your special day from your adolescence days. Furthermore, you want your wedding day to be the most memorable and perfect day in your entire life, and why you wouldn’t want it to be? Wedding day only comes once in our lifetime, and we want nothing to go wrong on this day. With that said, a marriage officiant, also called asolemnizer, plays a crucial role in a wedding, as he officiates the wedding, and you want somebody for this job to be perfect, to be someone you can trust, to be someone like John Keefe II.

Dr. John Keefe II, the founder of Life Long Wedding Ceremonies, is one of the most reputable names when it comes to wedding officiants in the Oklahoma City. Furthermore, John Keefe is a licensed minister, having authorized and licensed by the Universal Life Church as a cleric. From private weddings and anniversaries to LGBT weddings, Dr. John Keefe is a name you can trust. However, all these are just words unless we go into the nitty-gritty as to why you should hire Dr. John Keefe as your wedding officiant.

  1. Equality– Dr. Keefe is a big advocate of equality and same-sex marriages, which is the reason why he also officiates for LGBT weddings. Dr. Keefe believes that a marriage should be between two loving souls, irrespective of their genders.
  2. ExperienceDr. John Keefe specializes and has a vast experience in officiating a wide variety of wedding ceremonies. Besides, the more experience someone has at performing wedding ceremonies, the better they will perform in the midst of unscripted and unpredictable environment, i.e. wedding day.
  3. Consultation & support- Wedding can be tough both mentally and physically! You get to have a free consultation, whether by phone or Skype, with Dr. John Keefe. Furthermore, Dr. Keefe will help and guide you to solve any of your marriage related troubles.
  4. Knowledge– With years and years of wedding officiating experience under his belt, Dr. Keefe has gained a vast knowledge in this field. Furthermore, he can offer his knowledge and guidance that you simply can’t get from an amateur. Dr. Keefe can advise you on the length of the wedding ceremony, different options for wedding traditions among others.

Dr. Keefe’s dream is to see the world which is free from all kinds of hatred and always puts his heart and soul into bringing everyone together and breaking the shackles of racist or sexist mindset. If you have any queries or will like to talk to Dr. John Keefe II make sure you visit

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