Dr. John Keefe Gives Five Gift Ideas to Thank Your Bridesmaids in the Cutest Way

We all, by now, know John Keefe as a proficient wedding officiant. Doctor Keefe is a well-celebrated process server, private investigator, and a social worker. As a social worker, Dr. Keefe has always been and continues to be a great supporter of the LGBT community.

This time Dr. John Keefe has come up with his guide of five adorable gift ideas to thank the unsung heroes of wedding planning – your bridesmaids. Read on to know the cutest possible ways you can appreciate your squad.

1. Personalized Necklace

Let the bridesmaids know how much you love them. Personalized necklaces are a creative and a  thoughtful idea for your besties. You can get their name, a symbol and even your wedding date cut out in a way or the other on it. You can basically have anything cut out on it to make sure your friends have a beautiful memory of your wedding in the form of a pendant.

2. Bridal Party Hip Flasks

Bring a smile on their faces with bridal party hip flasks. Whoever said that only boys have all the fun carrying hip flasks, is big time wrong. It’s time for the bride to raise a toast to the women of her life. You can find hip flasks in fun colors and various designs. A gift like this is going to be remembered by all, for sure.

3. Team Bride T-shirts

Now that you’ve decided your bridesmaid squad, why don’t you introduce them to the guests as ‘Team Bride’? You can order for personalized team bride T-shirts having your wedding date, your friend’s name and also ‘Team Bride’ printed on it. They will certainly feel extra special.

4. A Survival Kit

You can also gift a ‘Thank You Bridesmaid’ Kit. Collect useful goodies and create a survival kit for your squad. Put together nail file, lip gloss, safety pins, after party medicines, pain killers, healthy snacks and anything you can imagine to be useful to your besties. Pack them and name the bag as ‘Thank You Bridesmaid’.

5. Pedicure Kit

Why not create an adorable pedicure kit? Just create a kit and put together pedicure tools, nail polish, cotton, cream and nail polish remover too. A pedicure kit is something that every girl will love. Award them for all the running around they are supposed to go through on your special day.

Dr. John Keefe has always promoted love in one way or the other. Are you looking for a special minister with a personal, gentle touch to officiate your wedding ceremony? You know you’ve landed in the right place.
For more information, you can visit the website too: http://www.lifelongweddingceremonies.com/

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