Benefits of hiring a pre-marital counselor as your wedding officiant in Oklahoma

In a scenario where the divorce rates are at an all-time high in the United States, finding a wedding officiant and pre-marital counselor like Dr. John Keefe II is a blessing. Being a licensed minister in the State of Oklahoma, Dr. Keefe specializes in performing wedding ceremonies of various kinds of couples that include heterosexual as well as LGBT.

The best part is that you can get pre-marital counseling from a wise counselor who has himself been married for a significant period. The versatile counselor has successfully dealt with the challenges one faces with the advent of a marriage. Dr. John is also the owner of the most reputed firm of Judicial Process Servers in Oklahoma. Thus, it is easier to comprehend now that what makes him an even more indispensable wedding officiant and counselor par excellence. Being a good soul that John is, he also provides guidance and training to new entrants into the field of process servers. In a legal field where old process servers are not friendly and would rather keep new ones at bay, Dr. John Keefe II is the person who can ensure a flying start to the new entrants.

The experienced wedding officiant at lifelong wedding ceremonies helps you in conducting different kinds of events that include anniversaries, bridal showers, christenings, engagement parties, courthouse weddings, same day elopements and LGBT weddings, ceremonies, and memorials. Besides, Dr. John Keefe’s organization also helps to organize eco-friendly and green weddings. You may be residing in any part of Oklahoma, Dr. John Keefe II can reach you there. Even if you are residing in another state, John will be happy to reach out to you.

You may belong to any community or ethnic background, as long as you aspire to a successful and prosperous life, this wedding officiant of Oklahoma is there for you. Dr. Keefe will help you to perform secular and religious wedding ceremonies in churches, temples, mosques, chapels, homes, casinos, gardens, parks, bars, prisons or even at the lighthouse. You only need to inform about the location that works best for you. All the while, you will get support through phone and e-mail process.

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