Dr. John Keefe II Gives Tips on an Environmentally Safe Wedding Trend

It is no secret that Dr. John Keefe II is a renowned marriage officiant in Oklahoma. Recently into the news because of his brave and at the same time, honest attempt to support homosexuals’ rights, he is certainly more than a social worker, a wedding officiant and a licensed minister in the state of Oklahoma.

From ceremonial ideas such as Sands of Unity and Two Flames Become one, to help you express your love for one another, Dr. Keefe, cares about the type of carbon footprint your wedding plans are leaving on the environment too.

We all agree about how planning, booking a caterer, ordering food, tents, and many such types of equipment which happen to bind together the magical event – your wedding – are all part of the deal.

On this dreamlike day, you have all the rights to spoil yourself. Adding to that, you want everything to happen the way you have planned it to be.

Have you, however, thought what type of carbon footprint are your wedding plans leaving on the environment?

Keeping in mind the adverse effects that different pollutants, toxic materials, and substances leave on the environment, marriage officiants in OKC are getting concerned, and so are you. Dr. John Keefe II, a renowned wedding minister in Oklahoma City, shows his interest in treating the Mother Earth right and helps you plan an environmentally safe wedding through their services. Read on:

  1. Instead of holding your wedding ceremony outdoors, why don’t you consider a field of wildflowers or your favorite nature spot? This way you save energy.
  2. Having chosen field of wildflowers encourages gather wildflowers from the area itself. You can probably shut the way to the florist. You can also use a burlap string to tie them in bouquets.
  3. To go green, you should contribute to saving paper and not using inorganic inks. You can recycle paper, and use organic inks prepared from fruit or vegetable pectin.
  4. Use the Mason jar vases your mom or grandma has kept safe in the basement. Not only green but also this is an economical solution.
  5. Candle-lit weddings are very romantic. You can use soy-based candles to lighten the tables of the guests, instead of using electricity.

Let us join hands with Dr. John Keefe II in the extraordinary step to keep our Mother Earth safe. A green wedding is so much more than just putting flowers in your hair, after all.

Until next time.

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