Keep The Fight For Liberty And Eqality Alive With John Keefe II

Dr. John Patrick Keefe II

Many people become successful with their knowledge, skill and hard work. There is a big list of such people, but the question is, when they become successful, what they do? Most of them just pack their bags and move on. But a few come forward to help someone to become another person like you. There are not many people who do this, but one such person is John Keefe II. He has this dream to see this world free from all kind of hatred, and he always tries to help the needy.

He believes freedom is everyone’s right and no one should be declined from that. He is always ready to help others in any situation. For instance, he always gives full support to LGBT community. Being a marriage officiant, John has officiated all kinds of marriages including LGBT. John started this fight a long time ago by writing a…

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