John Keefe: A True Nation Lover who is raising his Voice against Social Evils

Every nation has its own rules that are made by the government which people have to follow. Sometimes, anti-social people of a particular society start making their own rules and regulations and expect people to follow them blindly. At such times, somebody has to raise his (or her) voice against the unjust and unfair rules and has to break the shackles of invisible slavery.

Dr. John Keefe II is such person who has fought against the social evils of the society for the decades. He is the messiah for those people who are struggling to eliminate the social evils, especially discrimination among people. The people call him as a messenger of God. He is a renowned social worker in Oklahoma. He has also worked as a private investigator and notary public with Oklahoma Judicial process servers.

When it comes to providing justice to the needy, he always stands for them without thinking anything. He is the person who has raised the voice of LGBT community and awared this class for their rights by writing his revolutionary articles in the “The Daily Oklahoman”. He started this battle against the system in the year 2000. He is continuously raising his voice to provide justice to the victims. He is a great supporter of LGBT community. On the other hand, he is a wedding officiant in Oklahoma City, who helps homosexual couples in getting married.

Let’s talk about his background

Dr. John Keefe II was born on March 7, 1979, in Oklahoma to Glenna Sue voegle and John Patrick Keefe. He has one blood sister, Shelby Allison Cherry Keefe and one adopted sister, Kimberly Bess. He loves to teach people about the right way of the life. That is why he started his career as a teacher in the United States and after that, in Estonia and China. Then he did his Ph.D. in Educational Administration in 2012 from Bethel University. The reason behind his success is his family who has always motivated him to do noble work.

A man who has divine soul

He is a true nation lover, which is reflected from his work. He is not only raising his voice against social evils, but also serving several homeless people. Many people were reunited with their families after some natural disaster, all with the help of Dr. John Keefe II.  He has even donated his seed to several people who haven’t had any kids. He has sired 40 kids all around the world and has made several families happy.

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