John Keefe II: Making Your Special Day A Little More Special!

Your wedding day is probably one of the most important days in your life. You might have been planning and dreaming about your special day from your adolescence days. Furthermore, you want your wedding day to be the most memorable and perfect day in your entire life, and why you wouldn’t want it to be? Wedding day only comes once in our lifetime, and we want nothing to go wrong on this day. With that said, a marriage officiant, also called asolemnizer, plays a crucial role in a wedding, as he officiates the wedding, and you want somebody for this job to be perfect, to be someone you can trust, to be someone like John Keefe II.

Dr. John Keefe II, the founder of Life Long Wedding Ceremonies, is one of the most reputable names when it comes to wedding officiants in the Oklahoma City. Furthermore, John Keefe is a licensed minister, having authorized and licensed by the Universal Life Church as a cleric. From private weddings and anniversaries to LGBT weddings, Dr. John Keefe is a name you can trust. However, all these are just words unless we go into the nitty-gritty as to why you should hire Dr. John Keefe as your wedding officiant.

  1. Equality– Dr. Keefe is a big advocate of equality and same-sex marriages, which is the reason why he also officiates for LGBT weddings. Dr. Keefe believes that a marriage should be between two loving souls, irrespective of their genders.
  2. ExperienceDr. John Keefe specializes and has a vast experience in officiating a wide variety of wedding ceremonies. Besides, the more experience someone has at performing wedding ceremonies, the better they will perform in the midst of unscripted and unpredictable environment, i.e. wedding day.
  3. Consultation & support- Wedding can be tough both mentally and physically! You get to have a free consultation, whether by phone or Skype, with Dr. John Keefe. Furthermore, Dr. Keefe will help and guide you to solve any of your marriage related troubles.
  4. Knowledge– With years and years of wedding officiating experience under his belt, Dr. Keefe has gained a vast knowledge in this field. Furthermore, he can offer his knowledge and guidance that you simply can’t get from an amateur. Dr. Keefe can advise you on the length of the wedding ceremony, different options for wedding traditions among others.

Dr. Keefe’s dream is to see the world which is free from all kinds of hatred and always puts his heart and soul into bringing everyone together and breaking the shackles of racist or sexist mindset. If you have any queries or will like to talk to Dr. John Keefe II make sure you visit


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Learning a discipline and excelling in it is one thing and helping the people who need you by using your skills is another. Well, John Keefe II is one such person who has been doing this amazing work for many years. He is an advocate of humanity and likes to see everyone happy. He has always been there to help people to deal with all those legal issues, which can be complicated for them.

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Dr. John Keefe Gives Five Gift Ideas to Thank Your Bridesmaids in the Cutest Way

We all, by now, know John Keefe as a proficient wedding officiant. Doctor Keefe is a well-celebrated process server, private investigator, and a social worker. As a social worker, Dr. Keefe has always been and continues to be a great supporter of the LGBT community.

This time Dr. John Keefe has come up with his guide of five adorable gift ideas to thank the unsung heroes of wedding planning – your bridesmaids. Read on to know the cutest possible ways you can appreciate your squad.

1. Personalized Necklace

Let the bridesmaids know how much you love them. Personalized necklaces are a creative and a  thoughtful idea for your besties. You can get their name, a symbol and even your wedding date cut out in a way or the other on it. You can basically have anything cut out on it to make sure your friends have a beautiful memory of your wedding in the form of a pendant.

2. Bridal Party Hip Flasks

Bring a smile on their faces with bridal party hip flasks. Whoever said that only boys have all the fun carrying hip flasks, is big time wrong. It’s time for the bride to raise a toast to the women of her life. You can find hip flasks in fun colors and various designs. A gift like this is going to be remembered by all, for sure.

3. Team Bride T-shirts

Now that you’ve decided your bridesmaid squad, why don’t you introduce them to the guests as ‘Team Bride’? You can order for personalized team bride T-shirts having your wedding date, your friend’s name and also ‘Team Bride’ printed on it. They will certainly feel extra special.

4. A Survival Kit

You can also gift a ‘Thank You Bridesmaid’ Kit. Collect useful goodies and create a survival kit for your squad. Put together nail file, lip gloss, safety pins, after party medicines, pain killers, healthy snacks and anything you can imagine to be useful to your besties. Pack them and name the bag as ‘Thank You Bridesmaid’.

5. Pedicure Kit

Why not create an adorable pedicure kit? Just create a kit and put together pedicure tools, nail polish, cotton, cream and nail polish remover too. A pedicure kit is something that every girl will love. Award them for all the running around they are supposed to go through on your special day.

Dr. John Keefe has always promoted love in one way or the other. Are you looking for a special minister with a personal, gentle touch to officiate your wedding ceremony? You know you’ve landed in the right place.
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Benefits of hiring a pre-marital counselor as your wedding officiant in Oklahoma

In a scenario where the divorce rates are at an all-time high in the United States, finding a wedding officiant and pre-marital counselor like Dr. John Keefe II is a blessing. Being a licensed minister in the State of Oklahoma, Dr. Keefe specializes in performing wedding ceremonies of various kinds of couples that include heterosexual as well as LGBT.

The best part is that you can get pre-marital counseling from a wise counselor who has himself been married for a significant period. The versatile counselor has successfully dealt with the challenges one faces with the advent of a marriage. Dr. John is also the owner of the most reputed firm of Judicial Process Servers in Oklahoma. Thus, it is easier to comprehend now that what makes him an even more indispensable wedding officiant and counselor par excellence. Being a good soul that John is, he also provides guidance and training to new entrants into the field of process servers. In a legal field where old process servers are not friendly and would rather keep new ones at bay, Dr. John Keefe II is the person who can ensure a flying start to the new entrants.

The experienced wedding officiant at lifelong wedding ceremonies helps you in conducting different kinds of events that include anniversaries, bridal showers, christenings, engagement parties, courthouse weddings, same day elopements and LGBT weddings, ceremonies, and memorials. Besides, Dr. John Keefe’s organization also helps to organize eco-friendly and green weddings. You may be residing in any part of Oklahoma, Dr. John Keefe II can reach you there. Even if you are residing in another state, John will be happy to reach out to you.

You may belong to any community or ethnic background, as long as you aspire to a successful and prosperous life, this wedding officiant of Oklahoma is there for you. Dr. Keefe will help you to perform secular and religious wedding ceremonies in churches, temples, mosques, chapels, homes, casinos, gardens, parks, bars, prisons or even at the lighthouse. You only need to inform about the location that works best for you. All the while, you will get support through phone and e-mail process.

Say “I Do” with the Best Wedding Officiant

It is the most important day of your lives and you can make it more special by getting Dr. John Patrick Keefe II to be your wedding minister.

The old Greek Philosophy has finally come true. You have found the second  half of your soul and now you are ready to become one single soul composed of love.You are all set to prepare for the wedding ceremonies. Give a great start to this lifelong journey with Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies.

“This is your special day! Let me help you make this wonderful memory last forever!” says Dr. John. He is the wedding officiant at Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies. When asked about what are his thoughts on marriage, he summed up perfectly by saying,“there is no magical age at which two people can and should get married at. Everyone is ready for different things at different points in time.”

Let’s sum up as well. Here is why you should choose John Keefe, OKC resident as his wedding officiant:

  • He is a licensed officiant and specialises in performing necessary ceremonies for events like private weddings, courthouse weddings, same day elopements and LGBT weddings. He is also available for events like anniversaries, baby showers, bridal showers etc.
  • He can perform wedding ceremonies at courthouses, churches, mosques, temples, chapels, homes and even in parks, gardens, prisons and casinos as well.
  • He provides a friendly and professional support and premarital consultation throughout the whole process.

John has helped many people take the oath to stay loyal forever. The experience he has shared with everyone is unique and memorable.

John Keefe is Oklahoma resident and is a reputable person in the society. He strongly believes in equal rights to living for everyone and has shown his constant support to the LGBT community. He also serves the state by being a process server at Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers. You can ensure a great time and timely service with him. John is also available through phone or Skype (for face time).


Dr. John Keefe II Gives Tips on an Environmentally Safe Wedding Trend

It is no secret that Dr. John Keefe II is a renowned marriage officiant in Oklahoma. Recently into the news because of his brave and at the same time, honest attempt to support homosexuals’ rights, he is certainly more than a social worker, a wedding officiant and a licensed minister in the state of Oklahoma.

From ceremonial ideas such as Sands of Unity and Two Flames Become one, to help you express your love for one another, Dr. Keefe, cares about the type of carbon footprint your wedding plans are leaving on the environment too.

We all agree about how planning, booking a caterer, ordering food, tents, and many such types of equipment which happen to bind together the magical event – your wedding – are all part of the deal.

On this dreamlike day, you have all the rights to spoil yourself. Adding to that, you want everything to happen the way you have planned it to be.

Have you, however, thought what type of carbon footprint are your wedding plans leaving on the environment?

Keeping in mind the adverse effects that different pollutants, toxic materials, and substances leave on the environment, marriage officiants in OKC are getting concerned, and so are you. Dr. John Keefe II, a renowned wedding minister in Oklahoma City, shows his interest in treating the Mother Earth right and helps you plan an environmentally safe wedding through their services. Read on:

  1. Instead of holding your wedding ceremony outdoors, why don’t you consider a field of wildflowers or your favorite nature spot? This way you save energy.
  2. Having chosen field of wildflowers encourages gather wildflowers from the area itself. You can probably shut the way to the florist. You can also use a burlap string to tie them in bouquets.
  3. To go green, you should contribute to saving paper and not using inorganic inks. You can recycle paper, and use organic inks prepared from fruit or vegetable pectin.
  4. Use the Mason jar vases your mom or grandma has kept safe in the basement. Not only green but also this is an economical solution.
  5. Candle-lit weddings are very romantic. You can use soy-based candles to lighten the tables of the guests, instead of using electricity.

Let us join hands with Dr. John Keefe II in the extraordinary step to keep our Mother Earth safe. A green wedding is so much more than just putting flowers in your hair, after all.

Until next time.

Christian Wedding Ceremony in Tulsa, Oklahoma for Christy M. Stallings & Joseph Allen Watt

Christy M. Stallings & Joseph Allen Watt got married at their place of residence in a beautiful Christian wedding ceremony in Tulsa, Oklahoma on October 1, 2016. They had asked transgendered Dr. Tinsley Ariana Taylor Keefe of Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies to serve as their wedding officiant in Oklahoma.

This sweet bride and groom had plenty of family and friends surrounding them as they tied the knot, and the newlyweds are now happily married as husband and wife. 🙂

Lake Hefner Lighthouse Wedding Ceremony for Thai Bride Prapaithip Bootmangka & Matthew Shea Schanuel

Prapaithip Bootmangka & Matthew Shea Schanuel chose to tie the knot on October 8, 2016 at the Lake Hefner Lighthouse in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The bride and groom were surrounded by numerous family and friends, as Dr. Tinsley Ariana Taylor Keefe, as wedding officiant in Oklahoma with Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies, presided over their wedding ceremony. The newlyweds then went to Fuse Restaurant in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma for some tasty food. What a cute husband and wife team.

Guthrie Golf & Country Club Wedding Ceremony for Kaeleen Christine Hewitson & Joseph Paul Norton

Kaeleen Christine Hewitson & Joseph Paul Norton got married at the Guthrie Golf & Country Club on September 10, 2016. This absolutely gorgeous bride and groom had Dr. John Patrick Keefe II, a wedding officiant in Oklahoma with Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies, perform the wedding ceremony for the newlyweds.

Thereafter, there was much dinner and dancing and tasty food! 🙂

Hefner Grill Wedding Ceremony for Keaton Cudd & Sonnya Weatherford by Dr. John Keefe II – (405) 696-6450 – Keaton Cudd & Sonnya Weatherford got married at the Hefner Grill on September 10, 2016. Wedding officiant in OKC Dr. John Keefe II of Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies presided over the wedding ceremony for this beautiful bride and groom. The wedding was held in a beautiful gazebo area of the restaurant, and thereafter the newlyweds shared a wonderful dinner with many family and friends in a private room at the Hefner Grill. The staff at the Hefner Grill was super friendly, and the food was delicious. The new husband and wife were very happy indeed! 🙂